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"... tudo o que vejo tem ponto de beleza e crueldade, pois o que é belo é cruel e nao ha nada que se possa fazer àcerca disso." "all i see has beauty and cruelty in it, for all that is beautyfull is also cruel an there's nothing you can do about it."

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


constantly in awe, i observe these rhythms, trying to understand
effortlessly, these strings of universe that care for no one yet binding us
that appear and disappear, wishing our eyes open minds.

constantly in awe i observe these rhythms, not trying to understand
gentle things that come and go, give and take, hide and show
mirrored expressions of one's soul, stronger than muscle, harder than bone.

constantly in awe,
paired by these strings of things that come...
these things that go.