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"... tudo o que vejo tem ponto de beleza e crueldade, pois o que é belo é cruel e nao ha nada que se possa fazer àcerca disso." "all i see has beauty and cruelty in it, for all that is beautyfull is also cruel an there's nothing you can do about it."

Friday, October 11, 2013

to feel

streams of thoughts,
rampaging acessements
of all sorts...

to act, not to act, to choose
to trust the choice, to choose to trust
to fight, to walk, to keep on walking
to love, not to hate, to love, to love, to love
to not be tired, to keep on walking
to smile no matter what, no matter what.
to do these things
and those things
all things I'm allowed
and those out of reach...
to listen, to watch, to feel
to believe theres something
to believe it to be real
to feel.

drama drama drama

everything's got drama!
shit, everything's difficult and complex!
on every mind an evil twist
and on every word a hidden wish...

everything's got a story!
everyone's got a plan.
a side-plan slowly whispered,
on a language i don't understand.

they're like slick break-dancers,
high on themselves and their fast moves,
self-declared ethical bouncers,
shaking hands with empty gloves.

and then pointing fingers of harsh mistrust
accuse me of slipping on dreams of lust!

as if i could charge upon my sleep
against these creatures of make-belief...